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From touchpoints to Trustpoints

The only asset more valuable than attention today is trust. We help clients in health and financial services solve complex business challenges and build trust at every point in the customer experience.

Partners & Simons National Trust Indexes.

Identifying trust gaps to improve results.

What is trust worth? The Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) answers a simple question: would you recommend this product or service to others? Companies with long-term profitable growth have an NPS two times higher than average. Our National Trust Indexes let companies measure key trust attributes against national benchmarks, to identify gaps and take actions that can drive customer satisfaction, acquisition and retention, and profitable growth.

How Trustpoints Are Made

Trust wasn’t built in a day. We apply design thinking to every communications touchpoint to create a positive experience for the customer and increase their expectations for more. In this way, engagement, preference and long-term relationships build at every point of contact.


We assist clients with branding, positioning, integration, acquisition, retention, digital, social, mobile and technology strategies. We help you define the high ground, and own it.


Creative services include ideation, brand and experience design, advertising and content in all media. Useful information that connects logically and emotionally with audiences.


Our media planning and media buying services begin with contact planning, segment personas and customer journeys. Surrounding your audience at every touchpoint.


Our customer relationship management (CRM) programs combine data capture, analytics, and behavior to improve relationships, retain customers and drive sales growth.


Our public relations teams create newsworthy, focused communications programs that help clients gain a leadership position as a trusted industry voice.


Our services are based on understanding your category and needs: digital strategy, UI/UX, design thinking, CMS, front and back end development solutions on all platforms.


In an ocean of data, our analysts help separate the waves from the tides with insights derived from web analytics, digital tools, customer behavior and category experience.


About us

Partners & Simons is a marketing and communications company in Boston’s Innovation District that combines vertical intelligence, technology and creativity to help healthcare and financial services clients solve complex business challenges. We develop integrated communications and design experiences in all media to help clients build trust — and business – at every point of contact. We are part of the Merge agency network, with partner offices in Chicago and Atlanta. If you are looking for a resource that combines the category experience of a consultant with the communications ability of an advertising agency, we hope to hear from you soon.

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