Copywriter: Concept, Content, Social

Is this your dream job?

You’d like to work in a full service marketing services firm that will appreciate your talents (and provide great views of Boston Harbor and the Atlantic).

You don’t want to be hidden in a corner with a thesaurus and keyboard. You want to be an integral part of a creative team and do it all including concepting, writing, and pitching projects to clients.

You’d like to make an impact. In our work with financial services and healthcare brands, we specialize in helping people make the most important decisions in their lives: those related to their physical health and financial wellbeing. We see it as an awesome responsibility, but one that we deliver with a big dose of camaraderie and fun. We enjoy onsite yoga/pilates, engage in friendly competition with our Fitbits, eat lunch together on Fridays, and plan creative nights out in and around the Innovation District

You value: Ability, Agility, Humility. You have an absolute, unending respect for your remarkable colleagues and clients.

Who we are looking for:

You have been called witty, at least once by someone other than your mom.

At a party, you enjoy bantering with people. They often are entertained by things you say. Some even laugh. They rarely throw things, because you’re so likable.

You pay attention to detail.

You stand astride the digital and social worlds.

You’ve spent the last three to five years helping teams grow brands, create relationships and build engaged social communities in an agency or a creative department.

You get current communications technology and social media channels, and have the vision to utilize them creatively for meeting advertising and social objectives. And you can revise that last sentence to make it a lot more understandable.

You will work with Creative, Account, Creative Services, Social Media and Technology teams to develop and execute fresh ideas in forms from print to posts.

Experience in health care and financial services is strongly desired. You get it, and you get it fast.

Oh, and you’re not a drama queen or king are you, Ms/Mr Chillypants.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Produces content for social media, websites, landing pages, native advertising, long-form articles and sales presentations
  • Creates concepts and copy for digital marketing (banners, mobile and email), print, direct response, OOH, radio and video
  • Demonstrates ownership of assigned brand by continually coming up with new ideas proactively
  • Collaborates with creative, account services, production, social and extended team members
  • Collaborates with, oversees, implements and is keeper of copy brand mandatories and consistencies in writing style
  • Provides direction to external collaborators, such as broadcast producers and developers
  • Presents ideas to clients when appropriate
  • Keeps up to date with trends in branding, marketing, advertising, social and related communications industries
  • Keeps up to date with trends within the industries specific to assigned brands
  • Is knowledgeable about products and services specific to assigned brands

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Proficiency in critical software (primarily Microsoft Word) and social media channels (primarily Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat)
  • Demonstrated ability to create copy and content that are on strategy and effective
  • Has an understanding of the different copywriting needs that are required of various media/formats, including writing for various social media channels
  • Ability to manage the creative process, workflow, workload, and resources among creative group
  • Ability to think in abstract terms; can make connections between unrelated notions; seen as original and value-added; can creatively apply conceptual platforms to all off- and on-line media
  • Understand creative direction based on objectives and executes creative work effectively
  • 3-5 years agency or creative department experience

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