B. Braun Medical Boosts Sales with Award-Winning Sales Tool

Selling Life Science: 5 Key Elements of a Successful Sales Tool

Earlier this month, Medical Marketing & Media (MM&M) recognized the very best in healthcare marketing through its annual award competition. An independent panel of more than 100 industry experts reviewed each award entry and narrowed down to five finalists from each category. The B. Braun Medical digital sales aid received a silver award in the prestigious Best Professional Sales Tools of 2016 category.

The product, a closed system drug transfer device, helps protect physicians and nurses who administer chemotherapy from its harmful side effects, or “secondhand chemo.” Exposure to the powerful cancer-fighting drug can be hazardous to healthy individuals, and cause a number of adverse health effects, including hair loss, miscarriages and even cancer.

While competitive products use a physical block to prevent harmful exposure, OnGuard is a complex device comprised of intricate filtration systems. To properly equip the OnGuard sales team, Partners & Simons developed a tablet-based, interactive sales tool to help sales reps explain this complicated and unique technology to healthcare providers while engaging in flexible, targeted conversations.

Targeting the message and information to the right audience was key to the success of the sales presentation. The application featured flexible navigation that sales reps could use to tailor the message and story line to their audience, whether it be a nurse, pharmacist, physician, hospital administrator or other key constituent. The result? A 36% in sales of B. Braun Medical’s OnGuard Closed System Drug Transfer Device in 2015.

5 Key Elements of a Successful Sales Tool

Throughout this experience, we learned there are several attributes that a sales platform needs to be successful.

  1. Customizable. In many cases, the product narrative changes depending on the audience. Because OnGuard sales reps would present to nurses, physicians and hospital administrators alike, the sales tool needed to be easy to customize to meet the unique conversation requirements of the constituent.
  1. CRM Enabled – A sales platform can’t succeed as a static tool with limited, one-time-only resources. The OnGuard digital sales aid was built with the ability to seamlessly update content and messaging via the cloud. On the back-end, the digital sales tool connected to B Braun’s CRM database, effortlessly capturing the contact information and leads for remarketing with minimal effort from the sales representative.
  1. Intuitive. Conversations are fluid and can shift direction quickly. It’s important to create a presentation platform that’s easy to navigate, so sales reps can adjust with the direction of the dialogue.
  1. Comprehensive. A complicated product requires a large amount of content to help explain its many benefits. The OnGuard sales platform was back-filled with engaging videos, step-by-step instructions, research findings and many types of sales information that we developed for the product. With tablet in hand and app installed, sales reps had nearly endless information at their fingertips.
  1. Interactive. A successful sales tool has the ability to easily share information on-demand. For example, if a constituent requested follow-up materials, like an instruction guide or research summary, the OnGuard sales rep could enter their email address and share materials at the push of a button. The functionality for interactive, shareable content was a huge success-driver.

The attributes we identified as most important – customizable, intuitive, comprehensive, dynamic and interactive – significantly reduced the administrative burden on the sales reps and set them up for success.

For the OnGuard product, as well as any complex product pitch, having the right messages, for the right audience, at the right time, is everything.